DeRucci Tennis Competition

Dreams of Greatness Begin Here

As you are well aware, the Australian tennis season is now upon us, and with it one of the four major Grand Slam tennis tournaments, The Australian Open (AO), which runs from 20 Jan. 2020 to 2 Feb. 2020.

To get your tennis hearts racing in preparation for this consistently exciting event, official AO bedding partner, DeRUCCI, together with Ausfocus, are holding their own summer tennis tournament, ‘The DeRUCCI Cup’ in the days prior to the big event.

With prizes of up to $2,000.00 plus Australian Open Final Tickets, as well as luxury DeRUCCI bedding products, the competition will be held on the weekend of 18 – 19 Jan. 2020 at the Boroondara Tennis Centre in Balwyn, Melbourne.

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Family Tennis Carnival

There will be Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, and Mixed Doubles matches, with Preliminary Rounds featured on Sat. 18 Jan. 2020, and the Finals held on Sun. 19 Jan. 2020. Event co-ordinators will be grouping players of similar skills together, so competition will be fierce.

All spectators and participants will receive Lucky Draw tickets upon entry for a chance to win a range of prizes. Plus, DeRUCCI is offering $10.00 Super Lucky Draw tickets both at its local stores, as well as over the competition weekend. Simply purchase a Super Lucky Draw ticket and you’ll automatically receive a $500.00 voucher towards a luxury DeRUCCI bedding product, plus a chance at some truly amazing prizes!

Good luck to all, and make sure to get a good night’s sleep beforehand. You’re going to need to be at your best to crush your foes!

Competition host, DeRUCCI, advocates a healthy lifestyle achieved by quality sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet, and believe together these are the ingredients to a winning life.